Stop Quitting: 3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals

“A Goal Without a Plan Is Only a Dream” Brian Tracy Have you ever set a big goal that you were really excited about, only to have it fade over time until you just give up on it? There are a lot of reasons that people give up on big goals. But that can changeContinue reading “Stop Quitting: 3 Steps to Achieve Your Goals”

Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

I recently learned the story of a man, who by all accounts would be considered to be successful. He’s done some amazing things in his life that are nothing short of incredible. As I learned more about his background and his life I became more and more amazed. As I looked at his life, IContinue reading “Become Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”

Personal Accountability

Back in August of 2012 I wrote about our Education Plan at my company, Kodiak Mountain Stone.  If you have never read about it, click on the link and find out more because it has been a pretty good thing we came up with.  From each Education Meeting that we have, everyone on our team learnsContinue reading “Personal Accountability”