I’m so proud of this kid!

We will be traveling to Africa very soon to get our son.  I’m so proud of what my daughter has done to raise money so that we can help out the orphanage when we get there.  The generosity I have seen has been amazing.  Check out her blog at www.MyJourneyToAfrica.com and if you would like to help her make some children very happy, click the “make a donation” button.  Thank you!





Help the kids at the orphanage

In the coming weeks I will be travelling to the DR Congo to pick up our son that we have adopted!  My daughter has been working hard to raise enough money to travel with us to pick him up.  She has achieved her goal to have enough money to pay for her trip, but now she has a more important goal.

We will be arriving at the orphanage near Christmas and she wants to be able to take gifts with us for the kids there at the orphanage.  She has already started making blankets and has bought some mini-soccer balls. She wants to do as much as she can for them.

If you could support her in this it would be much appreciated by us and the beautiful little children at the orphanage that will be receiving the gifts.

Find out more at her blog: http://myjourneytoafrica.com/

Thank you