Thank you Luther!

Last week I was headed down the freeway going to Phoenix for an appointment with my wife. The freeway was very busy. All of a sudden the car in front of us hit some wood on the road and pieces flew everywhere. There was too much traffic for me to switch lanes and totally avoid it so I just did my best to miss as much of it as I could. Shortly after that we heard a pop but we didn’t know what it was, until a second later my “low tire pressure” indicator lit up on my dash. When I hit the debris on the road it made me blow a tire.

We got pulled over onto the side of the road. I’ve changed a lot of tires in my lifetime but it’s never easy with the wimpy little tools that come with your vehicle, and I was in nice clean cloths. So I wasn’t too excited about getting into it. As I was getting under the back seat of the truck to find the jack, someone walked up behind me. I turned around and there was a guy with a big gun holstered on his hip and tattoos on his arms and up his neck. Yes, those were the first things that I noticed.

Long story short, his name was Luther and he was the nicest guy. He asked if he could help. He goes back to his truck pulls out a legit floor jack and some good tools. Rather than me struggling with things for an hour, he had our tire changed in about 20 minutes. He saved us so much time, stress and dirty cloths and we were able to get back on the road to our appointment.

When he was all done I asked him what I owed him. This is the best part of the whole story. He told me that to repay him, the next time I see someone in need he wants me to pay it forward and help them out. He was an awesome guy that stopped and helped out some complete strangers and all he wanted in return was for us to do the same for someone else sometime.

Yes, there are good people out there still!

My daughter, Tia Heggie, goes on Instagram (@TiaHeggie) Live and Facebook Live ( every Monday. She calls her event Miracle Monday. This past week, my story about Luther was shared on Miracle Monday. To me, Luther being there at the exact time, stopping and helping us was a miracle. Tune in and listen to Tia and hear about more miracles she has witnessed or miracles that people have sent in to share with her.

“Faith is Expecting Miracles” – Tia Heggie

You Can Do Hard Things

An Excerpt, with some minor edits, from a note I was sending someone hoping to help them in a tough spot. I wanted to share it here as well, just in case someone reads it that could gain something from it.

You have been searching for answers and feel that you are not getting them. I can promise you that there will be a day when you look back on this time and will be able to see blessings that you cannot see now. You will be able to see where His hand was guiding you. You will understand the Why. Why you had to go through this trial. Why it wasn’t easier. And that is how you will make a difference in the world for many, many people. There are people near you that need you now. There are people nowhere close to you now that are going to need you. Everyone is dealing with their own struggles and challenges and they need help. Most can’t be helped by someone that has the book smarts on the struggle. But the person who can make a difference, the person who can change their life, the person who can save them is the one who has been there. The one who has been in their shoes and has conquered that challenge. My friend lost a baby boy and a brother in a short period. Nobody could really help her through those difficult times that hadn’t been through something similar. But now, she can take those tragic experiences and help many others going through their own tragic times. I often recall an old Young Woman’s theme, “I can do hard things.” Every hard thing that you have pushed yourself through, whether it was in a relationship, a sport, in business or something else has prepared you for something you will go through and deal with at some point in the future. Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.” You’ve been through hard things in the past and it has strengthened you. You are going to go through hard things throughout your life and they will continue to strengthen you. Right now may be the hardest thing that you have had to deal with up to this point of your life. You can do it. You will grow from it. You are amazing. YOU are going to make a difference in the world!

Help the kids at the orphanage

In the coming weeks I will be travelling to the DR Congo to pick up our son that we have adopted!  My daughter has been working hard to raise enough money to travel with us to pick him up.  She has achieved her goal to have enough money to pay for her trip, but now she has a more important goal.

We will be arriving at the orphanage near Christmas and she wants to be able to take gifts with us for the kids there at the orphanage.  She has already started making blankets and has bought some mini-soccer balls. She wants to do as much as she can for them.

If you could support her in this it would be much appreciated by us and the beautiful little children at the orphanage that will be receiving the gifts.

Find out more at her blog:

Thank you