Book Quote of the Week – 113

“Never let a person’s weakness get in the way of his strength.” – Coach K



Book Quote of the Week 112

“If you are going to have a great team, there should be no excuses and no finger-pointing when somebody else on your team is not perfect.” – Coach K.

Book Quote of the Week 104

High performers can do almost anything they set their heart and their mind to. But not every mountain is worth the climb. What differentiates high performers from others is their critical eye in figuring out what is going to be meaningful to their life experience. They spend more of their time doing things that they find meaningful, and this makes them happy.

Brendon Burchard

Book Quote of the Week 041


“Stop trying to network in the traditional business sense. Instead, just try to build up the number and depth of your friendships, where the friendship itself is it’s own reward.” Tony Hsieh


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Book Quote of the Week – 018

“It’s not about being weird. It’s about being irresistible to a tiny group of easily reached sneezers with otaku. Irresistible isn’t the same as ridiculous. Irresistible (for the right niche) is just remarkable.”

Seth Godin

Book Quote of the Week – 011

“If you want to create a company that is fun to work for, where productivity and creativity are high, and that you are actually glad to lead, you must create a culture of communication.”

– Dave Ramsey

Your Team Needs Intentional and Effective Communication

dave_ramsey_entreleadershipOne of the things that I have prided myself with in my company is our team communication. It would make me proud to hear someone else from our team talking to a new employee or a potential employee and tell them how great our team communication is.

But the other day I received a call from one of our team members that had some concerns. His concerns had caused some problems between him and another team member. The problem is that as we discussed the situation I came to realize that the entire situation was created because of some poor communication from me.

In Dave Ramsey’s book,EntreLeadership: 20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from the Trenches he says, “One of the hallmarks of winning companies is they are very intentional and effective at communication.”

For the success of a company and a team we must always be reminding ourselves about the importance of intentional and effective communication.

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DESIRE – Think and Grow Rich

Desire —  a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.
Desire is a key component in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, which teaches us what we need to do to be successful.
Many people desire many different things of which they never achieve. This is where we can learn a lot from what Hill teaches us. Just desiring something will not bring it to us. We all desire to be successful, but that is not enough.
Dominating Desire
If you really want to succeed at something it must become your dominating desire, your obsession.  You need to focus on your goal so much that it’s always in the forefront of your mind and you will recognize things that come into your life that will help you to make it happen.
Your Plan
But a burning desire is not enough. Desiring something will not make it automatically happen. You have to have a definite plan of action and you have to be committed to execute that plan until you succeed, no matter how long it takes and how many obstacles stand in your way.
Too often people have a desire and even a plan, but when they don’t see immediate results they give up or quite. Achievement will come when you have a burning desire with definite plans, backed with the persistence to keep going until you succeed.
Set your goal.
Develop your plan.
Don’t let failure or time lessen your focus and obsession.
Keep going until you achieve your goal
Think and Grow Rich is a book that you can learn something new from every time you read it or listen to it. If you haven’t read it, you need to read it soon. If you have read it, it’s probably time to read it again.
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Win the Market Share

While I was driving the other day, I was listening to this months Success Magazine CD. I was enjoying the interview with Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank star) when something she said just hit me. She was talking about when she started to get recognized as an expert in her industry (New York real estate) because she was writing reports. Even though she had competitors that were much bigger than her, she was being recognized as the go-to expert. The comment she made that I loved so much was, “if you steal the limelight you steal the market share!” After she said it, Darren Hardy paused for a moment, repeated the quote and said, “I like that!”

Too many entrepreneurs that are just starting out are timid or intimidated by their bigger competitors. In her article in the magazine she says, “Use what you got all the way!” You might not be the big fish in the pond, you might not think you are the expert in your industry. But you are the expert of what you’ve got. “Use what you got all the way!” Be the expert with what you’ve got and get noticed. The more you can get yourself in the limelight, the more market share you can win. Barbara published reports on the New York real estate market based on information she had from sales she had made. Her information got recognized and used, quoting her as the industry expert. Things took off from there.

But where do you start, you’re not Barbara Corcoran? Start anywhere, start now. When she started she wasn’t the Barbara Corcoran she is today either. Start with your local paper, start with a blog, start with Linkedin. It doesn’t matter, just start. Who are you? That is what everyone in your industry needs to know.

“But I don’t want to be in the limelight. I want people to recognize my company, not me.” If that is how you feel, that is fine. Many companies grow and do extremely well without anyone knowing the entrepreneur or the leader in the company. But alternatively, think of some of the charismatic figures that are so well known and have names synonymous with their companies: Richard Branson and Virgin, Tony Hsieh and Zappos, Donald Trump and the Trump Organization.

I was recently asked to be featured in a commercial for the college I attended. The commercial was filmed at one of my stores and my brand coverage in the commercial was excellent. Since it started airing I’ve been amazed first by how many people mention to me that they have seen it. Secondly, by how many people think that it is a commercial for my company, Kodiak Mountain Stone (Yes, if you are reading this, I want you to tie me to Kodiak Mountain Stone). It’s these opportunities you need to take advantage of. You want people to know you, to know your brand. “When you steal the limelight, you win the market share!”