What Have You Accomplished During This Pandemic

Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies – Episode 057 In this episode of my Daily Success Strategies podcast I talk about the things that I’ve been able to accomplish during the Coronavirus Pandemic. My hope is that as you look at everything that you’ve been able to accomplish during this time you will be able toContinue reading “What Have You Accomplished During This Pandemic”

What Will You Commit To Achieve This Week?

Jeff Heggie’s Daily Success Strategies – Episode 052: What Will You Commit To Achieve This Week? Its going to be a big week. To make it a successful week and accomplish everything that you need to, make some plans and commit to them. Make sure they are commitments that will make it a successful weekContinue reading “What Will You Commit To Achieve This Week?”

Daily Success Strategies: This Is Water

Jeff Heggie’s Daily Success Strategies 050: This Is Water There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says “Morning, boys. How’s the water?” And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one ofContinue reading “Daily Success Strategies: This Is Water”

Who You Become Is A Choice

I first became aware of who Dr. Benjamin Hardy was when he was promoting his new book, Willpower Doesn’t Work. The fact that you had a chance to win Joe Polish’s Tesla if you bought a copy of the book may or may not have been part of the reason that book is now on my self.Continue reading “Who You Become Is A Choice”

What Are You Committed To?

Jeff Heggie – Daily Success Strategies Episode 040 What are you committed to? If you want to know what you are truly committed to, take a look at your life. You’re not committed to what you say that you are committed to necessarily. Whatever the result are that you are getting in life… that’s whatContinue reading “What Are You Committed To?”

Overcome Your Fear To Build Confidence

Episode 033: Daily Success Strategies Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen. unknown 9 Year Old Cliff Jumping – Best if you click on Full Screen to view 033: Daily Success Strategies Subscribe to Daily Success Strategies We spent a beautiful day at Slide Rock Park in Sedona, Arizona. Today’s episodeContinue reading “Overcome Your Fear To Build Confidence”

The Multi-Task Myth

Episode 030: Daily Success Strategies Podcast – The Multi-Task Myth Daily Success Strategies with Jeff Heggie Episode 030: The Multi-Talk Myth There’s a backstory to my episode today. This morning I received a text message from my mom. It said, “Just read this, do you agree?” Attached was a photo of an article that said,Continue reading “The Multi-Task Myth”

What A Blind Dog Taught Me

Daily Success Strategies Episode 022: Lessons Learned From A Blind Dog AUDIO: My message today was something I learned when I was at my parents house in Canada. My parents raise Labrador’s and have some beautiful dogs. One of their dogs, Ronnie, is blind. Assuming that a blind dog on a farm just sits nextContinue reading “What A Blind Dog Taught Me”

Stop Your Negative Self Talk

Episode 016 Daily Success Strategies – Stop Your Negative Self Talk AUDIO: We spend too much time second guessing ourselves and our goals. We worry about what other people will think and what other people are saying. But for the most part, those other people are doing the same thing. They are worried about theirContinue reading “Stop Your Negative Self Talk”

Day 12: Daily Success Strategies – Unknown Consequences

…you never know what will be the consequence of the misfortune; or, you never know what will be the consequences of good fortune.

Gratitude and Focus

What you focus on, is what your life is. You need to take control of your focus.
Gratitude Journal’s will bring incredible blessings into your life and help you to recognize those blessings.

The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Shooting Video At Home

Free access to The Ultimate Small Business Guide To Shooting Video At Home course from Burkhart Creative Agency

Episode 011 – The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Wendy Byford

For the past 15 years Wendy has owned and managed a company that forms corporations and LLCs for entrepreneurs and business owners with home-based businesses.

Episode 009 – The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Clifford Starks

In this episode of The Jeff & Heidi Show we interview Clifford Starks, to learn about his entrepreneurial journey. Episode 009 Guest: Clifford Starks Clifford: “I graduated in Kinesiology in 2005 and became a personal trainer. I also became a professional fighter in 2009-2017 (MMA). It has always been more than just transforming the bodyContinue reading “Episode 009 – The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Clifford Starks”

Killer Mistakes – Part 2

In Part 1, we covered the first two of the 5 biggest mistakes you can make in dealing with big fish clients. Today we’ll cover the third and fourth ones: Taking on More Than You Can Handle. When you take on too much, your business can’t keep up and therefore you can easily lose controlContinue reading “Killer Mistakes – Part 2”

005 The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Tori Gordon

In Episode 005 of The Jeff & Heidi Show, we interview Tori Gordon of Coachable LLC and host of You’re Welcome Radio. Episode 005 Guest: Tori Gordon Instagram: @coachtorigordon Podcast: You’re Welcome Radio – https://open.spotify.com/show/4e62a5zpupdFpkErMiEimz Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/coachable/ Website launching in March 2020 – http://www.torigordon.com Businesswoman, Podcast Host and Mindset Guru. Tori Gordon is an entrepreneur,Continue reading “005 The Jeff & Heidi Show Podcast with Tori Gordon”

How To Prepare For a Meeting to Build a Long Term Relationship

There are a few things you need to do and consider to prepare for your first face to face meeting: Make a list of what you want to accomplish during the meeting. Anticipate potential concerns from the client. Check to make sure you are completely prepared. Listen more than you talk. Bring support staff withContinue reading “How To Prepare For a Meeting to Build a Long Term Relationship”

High Achievers Training

For those who desire to be GREAT, to do AMAZING things, and have an IMPACT on the world. HIGH ACHIEVERS is a 12-week coaching and training program that’s designed to give you the “unfair” advantage that you’re seeking. The most powerful way to shape our lives is to get ourselves to take action. The differenceContinue reading “High Achievers Training”

The Mamba Mentality

“No matter what had happened the night before – good game, bad game, soreness, fatigue – he was up working out every morning while most of the other guys slept.” That was Tim S. Grover talking about Michael Jordan, in his book Relentless. He continued, “Kobe is the same; he’s insatiable in his desire to work.Continue reading “The Mamba Mentality”