Unwavering Confidence

“Confidence is about taking chances, and never doubting the outcome… You can’t win if you can’t gamble on yourself, and you can’t gamble if you don’t believe you can win… Winning requires you to set unrealistic goals, and expect to achieve them.” Tim S. Grover Daily Success Strategies Episode 297: Unwavering Confidence Apple | SpotifyContinue reading “Unwavering Confidence”

Million Dollar Opportunity

“The Truth Of Your Character Is Expressed Through The Choice Of Your Actions.” Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies 295: Million Dollar Opportunity with Hunter Reaume Apple | Spotify | Google | Anchor | Breaker | Pocket Cast | RadioPublic | YouTube There will be times in our lives when you’re given the opportunity to seeContinue reading “Million Dollar Opportunity”

The Only Person That Remembers Second Place Is The Person That Got It

Episode 210 – Jeff Heggie Daily Success Strategies with World Champion, Tyson Durfey Watch The Full Interview With Tyson Durfey Tyson Durfey 2016 World Champion Tie-Down Roper 14 Time NFR Qualifier https://www.instagram.com/tysondurfey/ https://www.facebook.com/tysondurfey https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNn2vQPF-Qgei9DJC32xV2Q https://www.nolimitsmentorship.com/ Transcript From Podcast: Jeff Heggie (00:00): Hey, welcome back. Jeff Heggie daily success strategies. Thanks for being with me today.Continue reading “The Only Person That Remembers Second Place Is The Person That Got It”

Success Strategies: Creating Confidence

This Success Strategies video is a clip taken from the November 20, 2019 Inner Circle Mastermind Call. To find our more about the Inner Circle Mastermind, you can visit http://bit.ly/MastermindSpecialOffer Transcript of Video: But I also want to talk a little bit about the confidence factor. Belief and certainty is basically to me, what confidenceContinue reading “Success Strategies: Creating Confidence”

Overcome Your Fears to Gain Confidence

Fear and confidence is a topic that seems to continue coming up as I speak with clients. It came up a number of times last week at our mastermind event in Arizona, so I talked about it more on my weekly mastermind video call. Since then, I’ve continued to have a number of people bringContinue reading “Overcome Your Fears to Gain Confidence”

Bucket List Adventures

I have quite a large bucket list of things that I want to do an accomplish. But I have had the opportunity to knock quite a few things off that list. I’ve put together some clips of some of those things. Things checked off the list in this video: Skydiving (the free-fall was the bestContinue reading “Bucket List Adventures”

D. Jeff Heggie Steer Wrestling… Glory Days

Going through some old videos and found my rodeo tapes. This video includes rodeos from when I was in the Chinook Rodeo Association, the Foothill Cowboys Association, the Canadian Intercollegiate Rodeo Association and the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association.  I miss doing this! This video was one that my wife put together when we got marriedContinue reading “D. Jeff Heggie Steer Wrestling… Glory Days”