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Speaking and Coaching:

“Jeff made me think about my business’s in a whole different light tonight! I’ve been building for 5 years and never thought of my business the way he presented it.”

Jocelyn M.

Marketing Accelerated Course:

“After completed Jeff Heggie’s Marketing Accelerated course, I feel more motivated than ever to take my marketing skills to the next level. The course gave me a completely different perspective on where to focus my energy when gaining traffic and generating leads. Jeff broke things down into a simplified, step by step process that was easy to follow. The material was full of useful information and is truly relatable to any size company wanting to dive further into the marketing world. Although I don’t know Jeff personally, I feel like he genuinely cares about the success of my business. Taking this course was time well spent, and I would encourage anyone to follow Jeff’s coaching material!”

S. Nelson – Office Manager

Momentum Series:

“I finished module 3, “Your Why – 7 Levels Deep,” it was a great exercise to unearth the actual importance of your goal at a deeper level and to entirely embrace your WHY.
After doing this Momentum Series course now I have clarity and understanding that all the answers are within us and admired the way you walked me through it.
Now I have an understanding of how our; potential, action, result and belief/certainty (confidence) cycle can influence us if we are mindful and positive then we can achieve anything in life, InshaAllah!”

M. Irshad

Speaking and Team Coaching:

Marketing Accelerated Course:

“Jeff is an incredible educator. He has a personal touch as he speaks to you through his videos as if you are sitting right in front of him. He’s very knowledgeable about the subjects he teaches and coaches on. Jeff is as genuine in front of the camera in this course as he is in real life. You can truly feel that Jeff has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs light and stoke the fires inside of them. If you want real-talk, take the Marketing Accelerated course. You’ll have plenty to work on and implement to increase traffic and sales. The beauty, it can truly be applied to every kind of business. Well worth the price of the course! And for extra bursts of energy, follow Jeff on Instagram. His content is gold! Thanks Jeff for working with and supporting Priority Pumping, Junk-Rite and our team.”

T. Wilson – Entrepreneur


Actionable Plans: “Working with Jeff, I now have actionable plans that will move my business forward. Thank you for creating a group of synergistic, like-minded leaders. The ideas and group brain storming put me light years ahead.”

Dr. M. Leonard


“One of the most underrated factors of success is knowing how & where to find help. True & lasting success can only happen when you have people helping you along the way… This is why finding the right mentor, community, and team is so vital. I found all three in Jeff”

E. Baker – Entrepreneur


“Since I have been listening to Jeff, I literally have had a daily dose of motivation that I have desperately needed during the last 4 months!! In less than ten minutes he has me focused on what I need to and helps me start the day with a positive mindset.”

E. Baker – Entrepreneur


“Time well spent. If you’re stuck in your life or business, Jeff will teach and guide you through the skills necessary to break through those barriers and carry you to the next level.”

A. Wood – Sales Manager

Momentum Series:

Hey, hope you’re fine by the grace of Almighty and doing great. Firstly, I really want to thank you for giving us an opportunity to access such an incredible momentum series course. I really appreciate your hard work, for me this series was a mind changer. It was a wonderful experience, hopefully will send my proper feedback soon(once I will finish those pdf outlines).
I was so deeply driven into it, at this moment I just watched all 3 videos and gave my mind a little time for a thought process. While watching the series of videos, many thoughts and ideas provoked in my mind with concrete rationales. I was really surprised, that human mind is indeed beyond imagination and reach to our own extents. 
May Allah/God reward you for this, such devoted people like you brings a change in shaping a society in a positive way. 

Z. Ibrahim

The Confident Athlete Program:

Soccer - the confident athlete program

always knew I had a spot on the team. Now I’m on a new team and this has changed. Coach Heggie has helped me understand it’s up to me to get better and to earn my position. Now I want to go to every practice and I’ve even stayed home from vacations. I’ve learned it’s up to me to get better and earn my spot on the team. I would 100% recommend this program to anyone that wants to achieve their dreams as an athlete.

Kaitlyn Wood


Whether you are an entrepreneur, or looking to advance your career, or even setting life goals with conviction to succeed, Jeff has the resources for you. I had the privilege of attending grades K-12 with Jeff and today he remains a modest man of integrity, dedicated husband, amazing father, awesome basketball coach, AND a very successful business owner (Kodiak Mountain Stone). He is also genuinely interested in helping others succeed in their entrepreneurial AND/or life goals and has created these inspiring, informative podcasts to help get us on track, teach us something new or remind/validate what we know and need to refresh. They are packed full insight, but yet surprisingly concise! I highly recommend these podcasts AND his Momentum Series. Watch more than once too! You’d be surprised how even more relevant certain elements can be again in later stages. I especially take time to watch these when I’m feeling a bit burnt out, and need a moment of peace. I don’t feel guilty if I’m doing something productive like putting my feet up to watch these podcasts and get re invigorated and back at the day. I hope you check them out! Thanks again Jeff for sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise. I hope someday I can reciprocate some knowledge or send a customer or more your way. 🙏 (not that he needs my knowledge or customers, but I do feel grateful for these great podcasts).


The Confident Athlete Program:

Before Coach Heggie and his Confident Athlete program I didn’t understand the importance of mentality and visualization in sports and specifically for an athlete. Now I’ve learned to become a confident athlete and realized that you have to practice not only physical but also mental skills. I would definitely recommend this program to any athlete that wants to become their best.

Emma Wood


“I knew this Mastermind group would be beneficial but the unexpected a-ha moments were life changing. Thank you for your ability to guide us through this process so seamlessly and for helping us see so much potential in our businesses once again!”

B. Leonard – Entrepreneur


“Great investment of my personal time. Jeff was able to deliver a thought provoking, systematic approach to recognizing and understanding what makes me tick and how to improve. Application of this in the mastermind group setting offered greater insights and perspectives to my personal and business challenges. Worthwhile on many levels!”

S. McLachlan – Entrepreneur

High Achievers Mindset Secrets course

“I have been thinking for quite some days about how to explain in words the impact of this course in all areas of my life.
This course had a plethora of examples of how one can implement a growth mindset in his or her professional and personal life. 
You just have to believe in yourself and have the right attitude towards the challenges in life.
Also, the best part about this course was the mental health awareness in which Tia shared her story and emphasized that it is okay to get help when you feel stuck and depressed.
After doing this course, I am more confident, decisive and mindful about how to spend my time and energy on the things that matter. 
Thank you for creating and sharing this course.”

Misha Irshad


“Jeff is passionate about helping his clients achieve the next level by helping them excel in the areas they may be lacking in. It is said that knowledge is knowing the things to be done, but wisdom is knowing those steps in the right order. I highly recommend Jeff as a coach.”

C. Starks – Coach, Entrepreneur, Professional Athlete


Jeff is incredibly knowledgeable and can assist any company focus on their path to success and how to get there. Highly recommend Jeff Heggie to any organization that needs a clear strategy for improvement and growth!

C. Needham, Owner Needham Solutions


“Knowledgeable and helpful with strategies. Open and accessible which in these times is essential when running a small business. Thank you Jeff for your open communications”


The Confident Athlete Program:

Speaking & Group Coaching

Beliefs Control Our Behavior…“I am so incredibly grateful to have had the time to listen to Jeff while in Nashville on our Retreat. I took many amazing things from our time with Jeff in Nashville but there was one thing that really changed my thinking. 

 During his training he said “beliefs control our behavior”. As he spoke, I began thinking about my beliefs about myself and asking myself questions. Do I truly believe I can do this business? Do I believe in myself enough? Do I actually believe women will buy from me? The realization hit me, if I believe it, if my actions show this, then it will happen. I have to have the belief to get there. I have to have the belief to continue to do my best each day in my personal life, in my teaching career and in my business. so I left Nashville thinking- I do believe I can do this- so I will. I do believe I can run a business – so I will. I do believe women will buy – so they will (and they are! ) . 

 If you have any self doubt, if you have any disbelief in yourself I challenge you to change the story and BELIEVE. Jeff is an amazing resource and I am so excited and grateful to be able to get to be a part of his upcoming trainings!“

– Lisa K. (entrepreneur)

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